My Timber local business

Local is what locals do

Australians are a funny bunch sometimes! We love nothing more than getting a bargain but we’re also very supportive of the little Aussie battler.

I was so proud of the many Australians who recently responded to the Aussie Dairy Farmers’ plea for help by clearing out supermarket shelves of local milk brands which don’t undercut the profits to the farmers. As the grandson of a dairy farmer, it took me back to the days when Pa/s customers would visit the dairy to pick up their milk and skim the cream off the top of the milk vats. That was local service, and they were happy to pay for the goodness.

Australian supermarket chains are big, they’re powerful, they have the buying power to negotiate the little guy down – all in the name of competition and offering the $1 Lt milk to their customers.

It’s the same for all the big guys. Buying from a national brand, they can negotiate the price and offer customers bargain basement prices. But at what cost? Your hard earnt spent money will no longer stay within your local area. It will go back to the head office, normally within another state.

If you’ve ever done the taste test with your local butcher & fruit shop, and the cheaper goods in the supermarket, you’ll know there is definitely a difference. You’ll get the friendly service at the local butcher and they’ll tell you what’s the best cut of meat and how to cook it to perfection. The local fruit shop will always have that one secret ingredient out the back of the shop that your recipe calls for, and you know the food is fresh so won’t go off within hours of getting it home.

Of course, buying local does tend to be slightly more expensive, but for that little bit extra you get a whole lot more – quality, service, knowledge and you know the person who is serving you wants to provide the best service possible because their business depends on local support. Buy local keeps your hard money circulating within your local area.

So next time your comparing apples for apples, remember that not all apples are the same. You get what you pay for…..just some food for thought.