On the way to work today

On the way to work today I was flagged down by a lady on the side of the road. Her elderly father had a heart attack & was not well. We both completed CPR on the gentleman for some time till the paramedics attended. The issue 000 had they could not locate us due to our location on a long road. Please, No…… I mean DO.Down load this app (at the time I did not have) this app may help save someone's life, not just your family but a strangers life. It has many features including a locating GPS. Please pass on this message to all of your loved ones. Don't think about doing it…..DO It Down loud this app NOW The gentleman's daughter was amazing #000 #thankyou000 #ourcentralcoast @emergencyvehiclesnsw @nswambulance #thankyouemergencey000 #emergencey000 please share & repost