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Hickory Timber Flooring on the Central Coast

Exciting news in timber flooring… Stylish North American Hickory timber has made its way to Australia. A beautiful natural look, Hickory has loads of character and appeal.

A great choice for coastal or modern contemporary living. The look of a Hickory timber floor is a good alternative to an Australian Blackbutt timber floor. This will suit those seeking a classic natural hardwood looking floor or the stained decors of an European Oak timber floor. North American Hickory flooring has a unique set of characteristics both in its feathered timber grain pattern and the inherent strength of the timber. Hickory timber has been and continues to be used for axe handles and American Major League baseball bats, used for the strength and density of the timber

Hickory timber flooring is very compatible with the ever-popular Hampton’s designer style for either the natural colour tones or the rich stained timber floors. Nine colour tones are available in the range

A perfect match for casual or modern refined furniture that you have in your home

Hickory is hard to beat!

If you’re looking for an engineered timber floor with a point of difference for all the right reasons, An American Hickory Timber floor maybe what you’re looking for.

We invite you to take a closer look at our Hickory Timber range

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