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Cork Flooring Central Coast

Cork flooring is making a comeback

Modern Cork flooring is making a stylish and welcomed comeback to homes here on the Central Coast of NSW. The new designer Cork floors are so different to the older style of Cork flooring you remember as a kid what your Grandmother had in her home. Today’s engineered cork flooring has a warm modern feel and is a good alternative to a timber floor in your home. Engineered Cork flooring is a pre sealed product, so you don’t need to apply any additional sealer to protect the floor any more. In fact you can walk on your new floor within minutes of having it installed in your home. The cleaning of your new Cork floor is a breeze with the new modern sealers that have been applied to the new designer series of engineered cork flooring. Modern Cork will allow you an interesting point of difference in style to any room in your home. The modern cork flooring range will complement any Coastal design style you have in place or planning for your home, Giving you a different point of difference in design style in your home

To sum up. If you are looking for a point of difference for your home and you don’t want the look of traditional timber flooring for you home….. You may like to consider the look of a new Modern Cork floor for you home This is a DIY friendly flooring product