You are currently viewing New Easi Plank Hybrid flooring series can be found in a Central Coast Flooring Shop

New Easi Plank Hybrid flooring series can be found in a Central Coast Flooring Shop

Some new and exciting flooring has just arrived at My Timber in Erina. It’s called Easi Plank Hybrid flooring series.

With in the new Easi Plank Hybrid flooring series are Fourteen Timber images. Four Australian Timbers and Ten Oak timber images

The Four Australian Timber images are Natural Blackbutt, Natural Spotted Gum, Smoked Spotted Gum and a first for any of the Hybrid flooring ranges a Jarrah Timber image.With a board size of 180 mm X 1520 mm X 6.5 mm Then we also have another Ten Oak Timber images, with colour tones from Natural Oak to Light Grey and even Dark coloured Oaks. The Oak Esie Plank series is a little bit wider then the Austaralian Timber series with plank sizes of 228 mm in width X 1520 mm in length X 6.5 mm in thickness. With this type of choice you will find the perfect Hybrid flooring image for both your homes style and your budget

Hybrid flooring is really making its mark on the Central Coast Flooring market since its release. This new form of flooring combines the positives of both a Laminate flooring system (stability) and a Hard wearing & water resistant properties of a Loose lay Vinyl plank flooring system. Offering an exciting new Hybrid flooring system.

The Easi Plank system will really come into its own with smaller size rooms, as the Easi Plank range is not as long and wide as other Hybrids on the market. This is a positive for smaller projects like Granny Flats or homes with narrow Entries, Hallways or room sizes. Not every flooring style works in every home. A long wide floor board in a narrow or smaller size room will make the room look smaller. So the use of a narrower and shorter plank will make the room look larger. Hence why the Easi Plank flooring system is well suited for smaller sized rooms.

The added bonus of the Easi Plank system is its hard wearing and water resistant properties. Perfect for a busy Central Coasts family’s lifestyle or for your investment property. With this well priced Hybrid flooring system, you will get a very good ROI on your rental property for many years

If you would like to know more about the NEW Easi Plank Hybrid Flooring series? We invite you to call into our showroom at 1/217 The Entrance Rd Erina to see this flooring series for yourself #hybridflooring #centralcoastflooring #centralcoastflooringshop #mytimberflooring